How to rent

Mena Ltd. will advertise your tourist facilities free of charge on our website with a commission of 10% for each realized booking.

For accommodation owners are not recommended unrealistic price increases due to commissions, or otherwise they will be with their prices unacceptable to guests and therefore uncompetitive in the market.

The work system is simple: we search guests and receive inquiries, or we mediate between you and your potential guest. A guest, interested in your facility will address us. We check the availability of accommodation unit per telephone inquiry.

Accommodation owner is obliged to report each realized booking in which we did not mediate. Mena Ltd. will reserve the specific dates by confirming the booking.
During the booking confirmation Mena Ltd. shall provide the accommodation owner with information regarding dates of arrival and departure, guest name and age group.

The commission is charged as follows: after the guest has confirmed his arrival, he pays into your account 20% of the total. Of the whole amount, you pay us into our account 10%. The remaining amount of 80% the guest pays to you on arrival day.

If the accommodation owner wants to change the prices, he is obliged to notify us in writing, by e-mail, fax or mail.

Tourist facilities must be entered in the prescribed register at the competent county court, and the owner of the same must have a valid certificate of meeting the minimum requirements and a decision approving the provision of services in the household.

All those interested in cooperation, please contact us by e-mail or phone:
+ 385 51 263 617, + 385 91 797 87 98.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you,

Mena Ltd.